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UnderZONE is CHARLIE !!! (all thoughts go to the victims)
UPDATE : 2007/04

English version is now available !
but not completly on website ...

We are sorry for the big delay of a new version of UnderZONE website (maybe on line in 2015, we hope so !)...

Big Thanks go to all our visitors whom contents of UnderZONE are something for themselves, not nothing and it's for what they believe in us and are patient ! ! !

OOPS, I've forgotten to inform you about our last online publication with T.CHRISTINAZ (The Links), an electonic music project in the Music section (SOUND) !

... So for your patience, we offer to you a video clip of the HxC Rap Metal Combo named FURAYA (VideoZONE)...
One more time, all our Apologizes ! ! !

About Wap Network :

A real succes has came to our free MP3 bank by Wap since new handy phones from 3rd G are on line!

NEW!!! WAP2WAX , a light version of SONIX , the bank of "free legal mp3s" by WAP !
(compatible with devices from 3G cellular phones ! ! !)

SEARCH BOX : Targeted Search Engine is no compatible with Nescape Navigator, sorry !

DISPLAY : 800 X 600 (a thought about little configurations of screen !) 

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Comix: drawing & comics.
Fantaisix: design, stencils, costume jewelleries.
Sonix: bank of free legal MP3 sounds & loops.

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